VAPOR A Private Men’s Health Spa


Vapor is an exclusive/private all male membership facility providing health and fitness resources to its members.

We are located in THE VILLAGE at 227 East Breckinridge Street, Louisville, KY. 40203.

Our Phone number is: 502-785-0818.

The Website is: www.vaporspa.com.

Our Facilities include – Fitness equipment, changing rooms, lockers, café, lounge, a large communal whirlpool, steamroom, showers, wireless internet service, and outdoor pool & recreation area.

VAPOR members are required to be 18 years or older to enter the facility.

VAPOR members must present a legal photo (i.e. valid passport, state issued license/ID, or military ID card) in order to enter.

VAPOR members must review, sign, and comply with all terms and business rules stated in the VAPOR Membership Agreement including, but not limited to their direct conduct, privacy, tolerance, and personal responsibility for their actions.

VAPOR members are required to sign in and sign out at the main entrance to verify delivery and receipt of their lockbox contents.

VAPOR members are responsible to be aware of their checkout time. All rentals are limited to 6 hours, except when holiday/special event pricing is in place. (A fee of $20 per late hour will be assessed to the member).

VAPOR members are required to maintain control and possession of their room/locker key and lockbox key at all times. (A fee of $100 will be assessed to the member for each set of lost keys).

VAPOR members are prohibited from using any mobile devices, photographic equipment and/or audio recording devices, to ensure members' privacy.

VAPOR members are encouraged to wear appropriate footwear (sandals/flip flops) at all times during their visit – gym attire is required when using the work-out facilities.

VAPOR members will comply with VAPOR dress code attire guidelines – Noncompliance will result in immediate expulsion.

VAPOR members are not eligible for in and out passes.

VAPOR members are not eligible for a refund of their membership purchase.  All sales are final.