Membership Pricing

                                                   In June 2020, Vapor has elected to go to an entirely different pricing model to reflect the current times we are in.  This new  

                                                        pricing model is much simpler, easier for our guest to understand and makes admission to Vapor Spa more accessible.

                                                             We are an exclusive/private all male Spa & Health Club.  A paid membership is required for admission into the 

                                                                 facility.  You may either pay for a Single Visit Membership or you may purchase a 3-month Preferred Membership.  


VAPOR Preferred Membership - 3-month Membership


BENEFITS OF 3-MONTH MEMBERSHIP:  ALL RENTALS are $10 cheaper and Preferred Members can participate in all promotions, special events and email special pricing.

   SINGLE VISIT MEMBERSHIP                                                                  PREFERRED MEMBERSHIP

                       (Membership price is included)                                                                                           (3-Month Membership required)

LOCKERS                                                                                         LOCKERS

6-hour rental                                                                                   6-Hour rental

$27.00 - Weekday (Mon - Thur)                                                     $17.00 - Weekday (Mon - Thur)

$37.00 - Weekend (Fri - Sun)                                                         $27.00 - Weekend (Fri - Sun)

STANDARD ROOM                                                                           STANDARD ROOM

6-hour rental                                                                                   6-hour rental

$32.00 - Weekday (Mon - Thur)                                                     $22.00 - Weekday (Mon - Thur)

$42.00 - Weekend (Fri - Sun)                                                         $32.00 - Weekend (Fri - Sun)

DELUXE ROOM WITH TV                                                                  DELUXE ROOM WITH TV

6-hour rental                                                                                    6-hour rental

$37.00 - Weekday (Mon - Thur)                                                      $27.00 - Weekday (Mon - Thur)

$47.00 - Weekend (Fri - Sun)                                                          $37.00 - Weekend (Fri - Sun)

**Tax is included in price


If you wish to visit Vapor Spa for just one day only, you pay a Single Visit Membership price. The price includes your membership fee and your choice of locker or room.  The price you pay is determined by the day of the week you visit and if you want a locker, standard room or deluxe room.

If you wish to visit Vapor Spa multiple days during the month, then you should buy a 3-month preferred membership.  Visit as many times as you want during the 3-month period, take advantage of all specials & promotions and save $10 every time you get a locker or room. The savings will keep adding up.


Friday thru Sunday

4pm - 8am

Last Check-In Time is 7am)

Monday thru Thursday

4pm - 8am

Last Check-In Time is 7am)

Hours effective starting Sunday October, 9, 2022 at our new entrance off of Floyd Street.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old must I be to be a member?

Vapor Spa members are required to be 18 years of age or older to enter the facility.

Do I have to sign a membership form?

Vapor Spa members must review, sign and comply with all terms and business rules as stated in the Vapor membership form you will receive at check-in.  Agreement includes (but is not limited to) Vapor Spa members direct conduct, privacy, tolerance and personal responsibility for member actions.

What if I lose my lock box key?

Vapor Spa members are required to maintain control and possession of their room/locker key and lock box key at all times.  If a Vapor Spa member loses their lock box key, a $125 replacement key fee will charged for each set of lost keys.  

How does COVID-19 affect my visit?

Vapor Spa follows the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and the Kentucky Department for Public Health.  COVID-19 regulations will determine what services, amenities and facilities will be available for customer use.  The state has rescinded most of the mandatory restriction that were in place in 2020 and parts of 2021.  However, if you have not been fully vaccinated, the CDC and the KY Department for Public Heath is recommending you wear a face covering and get vaccinated (with a booster if applicable) as soon as possible.

What form of ID is required?

Vapor Spa members must present a state or government issued photo ID that contains your photo, signature and date of birth.

Do you have lock boxes for my personal items?


Noncompliance with Vapor Spa rules of conduct will result in immediate expulsion.  There are no in and out passes.  Members are responsible for tracking their 6-hour rental time.  For the privacy of our members, we can not give out details of the number of members who are currently visiting Vapor Spa. 


Vapor Spa is a drug free & smoke free facility.  Personal bags are subject to search at any time and for any reason.  We reserve the right to ask you to leave your personal bags in your vehicle when you visit Vapor Spa.  Noncompliance will result in a denial of entry into Vapor Spa.  There are no refunds and all sales are final.

Vapor Spa members are required to put their driver's license and membership card in their personal lock box.  Vapor Spa members are required to sign in and sign out at the main entrance to verify delivery and receipt of their lockbox contents.  You may place any valuables you like in your lock box.

What form of attire is acceptable?

Vapor Spa members will be issued one towel at check-in for use in the facility.  If you are working out in the gym, proper gym attire is required.  If you are using the outdoor pool, nude sunbathing is allowed or you may wear appropriate swimming attire.   Vapor members are encourage to wear appropriate footwear (sandals or flip flops) at all times during their visit. Vapor Spa members must comply with Vapor dress code & attire guidelines.

Where are you located?

Vapor Spa is located at "The Village," - 227 East Breckinridge Street, Louisville, KY 40203.  Our phone number is: 502-785-0815.  You may contact us via email by using the contact link in the navigation bar of this website.

Directions:  Coming from Downtown, head south on Floyd Street until you arrive at Breckinridge St.  Turn right,  heading west.  In 500 feet, look for a black iron gate to your right with a guard shack.  Turn right and drive to the back of the complex.  Private and secure parking is available.  To enter Vapor Spa, walk down our private alley to head to the front of the building off Floyd Street.  Look for the two lion statues in front of the building.  Head upstairs to the lobby, pass the bar and down the hallway to our new check-in desk.

If the Breckinridge Street entrance is closed due to an event at the C2 Event Venue and Conference Center, please use the private alley off 822 South Floyd Street.  The alley runs along side the Vu Guesthouse & Luxury Boutique Hotel and Vapor Spa  Go down the alley and then turn right at the "T" junction - Vapor Spa parking is on the right.  Walk back down the alley to the front of the building to enter Vapor and go to the new check-in desk..